Sunday, 26 July 2015

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                                                      Dear Sir/Ma,

                 Thank you for having interest in advertising with us by placing your ads on our site
                         Skyprince Blog is one of the most popular blog/site in Nigeria

                                                       Do you know: -

        Skyprince Blog has alot of visit day-by-day - It's one of the most popular site in our country, Nigeria
      All adverts on Skyprince Blog are prepaid
                                                   Here is our rates:
                                                    7days = #2,500
                                      14 days (2 weeks) = #4,000
                                      60 days (2 months) = #11,000                                              Our Account Details
                             Account Name =
                             Account No. =
                               Bank =
                                          FOR MORE DETAILS
                                         call: 08027909732
                                       you can also send a mail to
                                   Thanks for you partnership

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