Thursday, 16 July 2015

Bloggers Who Say Am Pregnant, It Can Never Be Well With You – Tonto Dikeh

Tonto Dikeh took to her Instagram page to curse bloggers out saying most of them do not confirm their news before posting. Apparently, a fake Instagram account, Tontolet1 has been posing as Tonto Dikeh for over a year now and has shared pictures to prove she is pregnant. Some bloggers however though it was the actress and reported the actress was pregnant. Tonto has however replied them saying, it can never be well with them. Here’s what she said: I don’t know if I speak French or I just don’t communicate well*But am extremely tired of saying this billshit all the time,MY ONLY ONLINE TWITTER AND INSTAGRAM ACCOUNTS IS @TONTOLET AND FOR ALL THE ATTENTION SEEKING/DIE HARD SUCCESS CHASING BLOGGERS WHO CONTINUE TO FUEL THIS FAKESTER IT CAN NEVER BE WELL WITH YOU** #2weeks ago it was a pregnancy result now its a full blown belly,how do you all Think? I understand the struggle to have traffic on your blogs but shldnt journalism come with Truth** This is why I have no respect for half of you’ll,we have more bloggers than we do have celebrities** At some point you are gonno give up, Am too happy and blessed to stress by your unprofessionalism and Hate**

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