Sunday, 16 August 2015

Brother Stabs Elder Sibling To Death Over Dirty Dishes

Tragedy struck on Majente Street, in Akute, Ogun State, when Ekene, the younger brother of 25-year-old Kenneth Chikwado Agbamone stabbed him to death following an al­tercation about washing dirty plates. Kenneth and Ekene had a heated argument because the younger one failed to wash dirty plates the family ate with earlier in the evening. Trouble began when Kenneth returned from a church service that fateful night of July 14, 2015, at 9pm, and promptly observed that his young­er brother, Ekene did not wash the dirty plates stacked in the kitchen. Incidentally, the church where Kenneth was a member had declared a one-day fasting and prayer programme, which he participated in, and went to church later in the day for the normal congregational prayer to end the fasting. Before leaving for the church service, he had cooked rice, and served his mother, who was roasting and selling corn in the street, where the family lives. So returning from the church service and seeing that Ekene did not wash the dirty dishes, he got angry and demanded that the younger brother should promptly wash the plates. Ekene allegedly re­fused to do so. This result­ed in a heated argument between them. At some point, Kenneth, it was said, drew his belt and hit Ekene twice and left the house to buy sachet water. However, doom awaited him at home. Ekene was still seething with rage. He was said to have taken a knife from the kitchen, held it behind his back and hid behind the door, waiting for Kenneth to return. The moment Kenneth walked through the door, Ekene stabbed him on the left side of his chest. Meanwhile, their mother, Cynthia, was taking her bath at the time. As she came into the house from the bathroom, Cynthia found her son on the ground in a pool of his blood. It was her prolonged scream of anguish that rented the air and attracted neighbours, who rushed in to find out what was wrong in the Agbamone home

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