Wednesday, 27 January 2016

OMG! Music teacher threw 17-month-old girl out of window after mum caught him abusing her

A music teacher has been arrested after he allegedly threw a baby girl out of a first-floor window when the infant's mother caught him sexually abusing her. The 17-month-old girl remains in intensive care in a 'grave' condition after she was reportedly hurled out of the 12-foot-high window in Vitoria-Gasteiz, northern Spain, yesterday.
The baby was allegedly being abused by the 30-year-old teacher at a property in the Basque country when her 18-year-old mother entered the room.
The mother, from Brazil, immediately began screaming at the man, who swiftly threw her daughter out of the window, it is reported.
The pair then started fighting loudly, prompting concerned neighbours to call the police. Although the baby girl was lying unconscious in public view in the street, a passerby apparently believed she was a doll.
They only realised the horror of the situation when a police officer rushed over and started trying to help the child, who suffered multiple fractures in the plunge. The infant was rushed to a nearby hospital, just two minutes away, and was immediately treated by doctors.

Her mother and her alleged abuser were also taken to hospital with injuries they suffered during the fight. The teacher was taken into custody after having treatment.
By last night, the mother was well enough to be with her gravely injured daughter. None of the trio has been identified by local police. reportage.
This man must be sick!!!


  1. The world is full of evil. I hope the child survives

    Alabekee's Blog

  2. omg this is just evil and so, so sick :o Hope the child makes it through :o


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