Saturday, 18 June 2016

17 year old teen stabbed to death by homeless man over $2

A 17 year old Bronx teenager, Carl Ducasse, was stabbed to death by a homeless man after giving $2 to nother homeless man, because the money was too small, the victim’s mom said Saturday.

The teenager who was set to graduate high school this month,
was knifed multiple times in his chest late on Friday, police said.

The teen’s mother, Angela Ducasse,
while weeping said: “The homeless guy wanted more.” “He died because of $2. I can’t believe he’s gone.” “He was never a kid of the
streets,” said Angela Ducasse.

“He was a regular teenager. He was never arrested. He said he wanted to be a lawyer. We already bought his graduation clothes.” She said after giving the $2, Carl bent down to pick up his dropped phone, that was when the killer struck. The suspect also stole the teen's phone after he collapsed on the sidewalk.

Police confirmed Ducasse was approached by a man asking for money, while they were arguing, a second man armed with a knife appeared and stabbed him multiple times.

Carl Ducasse was rushed to St.
Barnabas Hospital where he died, officials said. A friend who was with Carl when the attack happened about 11:20 p.m. told the family about the confrontation. Dad Carlos Ducasse, 49, said the suspect lived in a nearby homeless shelter.

Fighting back tears on the eve of
Father’s Day, Carlos talked of his
son’s lost future. “He wanted to go to college,” the dad said. “He wanted to be prepared for life.” No arrests have been made in the killing yet, police said.

Source: New York Daily News

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