Wednesday, 22 June 2016

Father catches 27-year-old man in bed with his 11-year-old daughter (see what happened)

A 27-year-old Phoenix man named
Anthony Mitchell has been arrested
and charged with two counts of
sexual conduct with a minor and
one count of sexual abuse. And his
story is as ridiculous as it is sickening.

According to court documents,
Anthony met an 11-year-old girl
online and the two chatted on a
The little girl allegedly told him that she was 26 years old. Then the victim invited Anthony to her apartment and police say that
the two had sex.

Officers said the victim’s father arrived home and found Anthony naked in bed with his daughter, who was partially clothed. The enraged man then beat up and physically restrained Anthony until officers arrived.

Police say that Mitchell initially told
them that he knew the girl was not
26, but thought that she was 16. He
later changed his statement, saying
that he believed that the girl was 18.
I don't know what this world is
turning to... While this pedophile needs to be thrown in jail with the key thrown away, the girl also needs counseling because she needs to also understand why this act is WRONG otherwise she will do it again. It doesn't matter that they were both caught in bed and there was no signs of force, a child cannot give sexual consent, period.

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