Saturday, 25 June 2016

“I did not just give my life to Christ. I have been a Christian all my life" - Patience Ozokwor

Veteran actress, Patience Ozokwor
recently announced that she has re-
dedicated her life to Christ. And ever
since then, various rumours have
been circulating about her.

Top on the list was that she said God told her to drop her popular
pseudonym, Mama G. Others claimed that she said God told her to quit her lucrative career.

In a chat with Saturday Beats, the
actress denied the rumour. However, she added that if God gives her such instructions, she would not flinch before bending to His will.

Patience said:

“I did not just give my life to
Christ. I have been a Christian
all my life. The problem was
that there were some
compromises God wanted me
to remove from my life. He wants me to be the face of
Christianity so that when
anyone sees me, they will
know that I am a child of God.

The world has mingled with
the church a lot and there is no difference between the
world and the church. The
way the worldly people dress
is the way Christians are
dressing nowadays. God told
me he does not want his people to dress in that
manner anymore. The men
would plait their hair and use
earrings, all these things are
making God angry and even
the women should be modest according to the way it is
written in the Bible.

People should be known to be
Christians through the way
they dress, talk and approach
life situations. You cannot call yourself a Christian and you
drink alcohol. God does not
want all that. I did not just
repent now, I have been a
born again Christian all these
years, it is just that everybody has gone astray and we are
now like unbelievers. That is
what God said.

“It is not true that I said I do
not want to be referred to as
Mama G. I did not say so. It is
the people that want to sell
their papers that told that lie.
God did not say I should retire from my work; after all, we act
dramas in church. He did not
tell me to stop acting and he
did not tell me to stop bearing
Mama G. Mama G is not a bad
name, there are people who have bad names and he said
they should drop them. Mine
is not bad. The meaning of
Mama means mother and the
G stands for General.

I am everybody’s mother. Even the scripture says that I am a
mother to everybody, even
the motherless children. I am
just lucky because everything
is falling into place. My name is
not bad. The world should know that Mama G is still
Mama G; I am still Mama
General and in other parts of
Africa, they call me Mama
Africa. How can I deny my
fans of that? God did not ask me to quit my job, neither did
he say I should renounce the
name Mama G because there
is nothing wrong with the
name. However, if he asks me
to stop bearing the name, I will throw it away because it is
all about what he wants and
not what any man wants.”

Mama G added that her faith will not
affect her movie roles. She seized the opportunity to clear the air that her children have no problem with her faith. She said that they are happy for her and she is best of friend with her children. She said:

“My faith would not affect my career or movie roles. The
movie I am about to shoot is
an action movie. I am using it
to expose some ills in the
society. There are some
obscene scenes that I cannot take part in because I am a
child of God. If you watch my
films, you will know that I
have never shot any movie
that is obscene.

I tell my stories but you will never see me naked. Even when I try to
portray some nude scenes, I
do it moderately. “My children are Christians and my daughter got born again at the age of five. She is
in London and she has
nothing against my faith. I
should be with them on Thursday. It was when I had
an encounter with God that
people started calling her to
inform her that I was running
mad and they became
worried. A

fter I finished my 30 day encounter with God and came out of it, when she saw me, she knew I was fine.
I have been like this since I
was a member of the Scripture
Union. I don’t have any problem with my children, we
are all fine and they are proud
of me. In fact, they are my
best friends. I go to places
where I can talk not only at
churches or crusades, I talk about the word of God
anywhere I can.

I need to tell everyone the truth about the word of God. The Lord said that I should remove my
dreads because even though my dread is from my natural
hair, whenever I am
preaching against weaves
and telling ladies that it is
demonic, people may think I
am carrying one and they begin to ask why I have such
on my head.”

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