Wednesday, 29 June 2016

"I'm not interested in getting married" - Actress Halima Abubakar reveals

Actress Halima Abubakar has announced that she is not interested in marriage at all.
Speaking to Encomium magazine, the actress stood her ground after previously announcing she won't be getting married ...

Recently, there was a post that you said you’re not interested in marriage any longer. Why did you concluded on that?

Yes, because marriage has
been overrated. It’s
unnecessarily over rated. It’s
just too much of headache
with how things are now.
Even ordinary relationship is a huge burden, huge headache
and heartbreaking, let alone
When you can’t stand each other as boyfriend and girlfriend, how would you live together under the same roof when you get
People need to know themselves seriously. When I say seriously, I mean spiritually before getting
married. People only know
themselves physically, not spiritually, so they end up
getting bored with each
other. And they will say they
don’t want to get divorce
because of what society
would say after investing so much on the marriage. They stay in that marriage and later it may become very irritating and they start
fighting. Before they know it,
everything becomes violent.
You hear people say all sorts of things. You’re the one who
allowed people to get to you
and start telling you you’re
getting old. You’re the one
allowing them to convince
you that you’re getting old, you need to get married.
Everyone will surely get old.
Who won’t get old? So, when
people say I am getting old,
get married, I would tell them
that’s the only thing they know. People carry marriage
like a flag.

Does that mean Halima is really not going to get married?

No, people should only try to be nice about marriage to make me interested in it. Don’t tell me actresses don’t stay in
marriage. Olu Jacobs and Joke
Silva have been married for long and they’re still in the
marriage. Nothing happened
to their union. Omotola and
her husband have been
married for long; they’re still
very much together. She got married at a young age which
is good. What I am trying to
say is that going into marriage
needs a lot; you don’t just go
into it. My elder sister got
married at 26 and she’s doing fine in the marriage with her
Now, tell me why won’t I want a family like that? But these days, people are just too much into social
media, that’s why marriages are crashing. Marriage these
days is not based on
happiness and genuine love.
Let me ask, who is that poor
person that has married a
billionaire son? So, why won’t marriage crash when it’s not
based on happiness and
genuine love?

But does it mean there is no man in your life at the moment?

At this time of my life, I am no longer interested in talking about anything. If there is or there’s none, that’s my problem. It’s nobody’s
business. I have done that in the past. I have invested a lot
emotionally, talking about my
relationship. So, I am no
longer interested in talking
about my relationship. I am
tired of talking. Let’s rest that case. Even on my wedding
day, if I decide to marry,
eventually, nobody is invited.

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