Thursday, 23 June 2016

OAP Toolz covers latest edition of MediaGuide Magazine

MediaGuide Magazine is out with a
new edition titled “THE RADIO- AUDIENCE INTERACTIONS: How Radio
Is Fast Becoming a Social Medium”.

On the cover is the curvy beautiful
Beat FM On-Air-Personality (OAP), Tolu Demuren a.k.a Toolz.

The edition of the magazine gives a
deep insight on the current
interaction between radio and its
audience, especially using social
media space as a tool.

For obvious reasons, MediaGuide
Magazine has Toolz as the cover of
this edition as a result of her lead in
the social media audience space.

With over a million followers on
Twitter and Instagram combined, the beautiful OAP commands a huge
lead in the social media space as far
as radio personalities in Nigeria is
concerned. Also, beyond the
statistics, here is an extract of how
the magazine describes her:

“These days of visible OAPs,
Toolz presents one of the
most attractive personalities in
the game. Her drop dead
figure is a reference point in
the industry which has since opened other vistas for her as
event compere, model,
fashionista and brand
ambassador. The sound of
her voice on air has been
compared to the juiciness of her figure in real life, but the
truth is Toolz is a consummate
and stylish radio presenter
who has paid her dues in the

Her uncanny knack to appeal
to first time listeners is one of
her strongest points which
has accounted for the fast
growing fans base which
includes a heavy youth demographics. It is easy to
attribute her success to her
silver spoon parentage and
good looks, nonetheless her
incredible wit and intelligence
has been unanimously adjudged as the ingredient for her popularity as an OAP.

So the next time you see her
strutting her goods on the red
carpets which she seem to do
a lot these days, do not get it mixed up, that figure just
simply houses one of the best
brains in radio broadcasting
in Naija.”

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