Thursday, 7 July 2016

"Buhari is using corrupt EFCC to fight corruption": Gov. Fayose declares

Ekiti State Governor, Mr Ayodele
Fayose has declared that President Buhari was using an equally corrupt Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) to stamp out corruption in Nigeria. He insisted that the President must start the corruption fight from his own party and immediate aides since charity begins from home.The governor said:

“EFCC opinions remain their opinions and if they are so sure of whatever information they have, they should go to court and stop subjecting Nigerians to media trial and that no amount of media trial
from the same elements that
orchestrated my removal in
2006 can erode my popularity among Ekiti people."

He said any property that may be
linked to him or his company was
bought legitimately and his
properties were duly declared in his
assets declaration form and sources
of such funds were not illicit. In a release issued on Wednesday by
the Special Assistant to the Governor
on Public Communications and New
Media, Lere Olayinka, maintained that his election was funded by Zenith Bank as well as donations from friends and associates, adding that;

"As a promising candidate of my party, I cannot stop Nigerians from supporting my election like every other candidates of other political,
including President Buhari."

He said since the money he got for
his election was from legitimate
sources and not from the Office of
the National Security Adviser (ONSA)
as being concocted, how the money
was spent remained his own business and not that of anyone.

The governor also debunked the
reported allegation by the EFCC that
he received bribe from any contractor in Ekiti; saying;
"if they have anything against me, they should keep their gun powder dry.
"Because in 2006 when they
took me to court, their allegations crumbled like pack of cards because court decisions are founded on
facts and law, and not on media trial as currently being done by the EFCC as teleguided by the APC in their
desperation to set the people
against me knowing fully that
they are not on ground."

He added: "having failed to buy the
conscience of Ekiti House of Assembly members, the APC people have become increasingly afraid of 2018 and that the agencies of the Federal Government should know that no matter how hard they try, Ekiti electorate will not be deceived by their blackmail and media trial.

Governor Fayose said “The EFCC should be told in clear terms that this is 2016 and not 2006 when
impeachment notices against
governors were signed on
the table of EFCC operatives. Those who are teleguiding the EFCC now should also be reminded that they did more than what they are doing
now in 2006, yet I was
overwhelmingly voted for by the Ekiti people eight years after the orchestrated impeachment which the Supreme Court declared

The governor asked;

"Should Nigerians now conclude that EFCC is an appendage of APC? Is the EFCC for investigation of
corrupt practices among all
Nigerians or members of opposition parties alone?"

The governor said; “As at today, I have not been accused of stealing a dime from Ekiti treasury. EFCC has
not also said that Ekiti money
was stolen and that my election was funded with Ekiti State money."

Accusing the EFCC of carrying out the APC agenda to force him out of office as was done in 2006, the governor said;
“It is sad that some politicians
from Ekiti State now resume and
close in EFCC offices in Lagos and Abuja and we wonder whether
those politicians have now taken
over the job of EFCC.”

He maintained that he will continue
to speak his mind on issues affecting Nigerians and can never be cowed, saying; "Nigerians are suffering. States can no longer pay
workers salary, a litre of kerosene is now N220, a bag of rice is now N20,000 and some people will sit in Presidential Villa and expect that all of us should keep silent? That's not possible!

"No amount of media trial by agents of the Buhari-led APC government will make me to stop baring my mind on the cluelessness of the Federal Government."

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