Sunday, 24 July 2016

"My powers are from God, or are you saying that I use demonic powers to deceive people" - Prophet T.B responds to rumours claiming his powers are not of God

Founder of The Synagogue Church of All Nations, Prophet T.B. Joshua breaks silence concerning rumours claiming his powers are not of God.

In an interview with TheNEWS magazine, when asked on the source of his power, he said:

"The source of my power? It is written that by their fruits, you shall know them. If I open my mouth and say this is the source of my power, it would seem I am arrogant or boasting. Rather, I should boast about what God is doing in my life. It is by this kind of trial that you know the true minister of God.

When asked to explain, after quoting scriptures to support his
claim, he said if he weren't a man of
God, he wouldn't have survived the
synagogue building collapse trial.

"So, if I am not of God, I will not
survive this trial. But if I am of God, this trial will not destroy me. Trial is the soil in which faith flourishes. God sees his own people through trial.

When asked again on the secret of
his power...

"I said God. Jesus comes to give abundant life, while satan comes to kill and to destroy.
Are you saying that I use demonic powers to deceive all these foreigners you see around Synagogue here?
Right now I am talking to you, there are over 400 foreigners from 10 different countries here. Are these people being deceived, destroyed or killed (as my detractors alleged)? If I have been using occultic power, the congregation here will not increase. If my mission here is not of God, it won’t stand just as Gamaliel
said.When people have their problems solved or they have
salvation, they tell others."

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