Thursday, 14 July 2016

Pastor divorces wife of 22 years for always disgracing him in public over money

A pastor with the Christ Apostolic
Church (CAC), Mr. Segun Adeyinka,
has prayed an Alimosho Customary
Court, Lagos, to dissolve his 22-year-old marriage to his wife, Mrs. Folake
Adeyinka, because she was fond of disgracing him in front of his church

Adeyinka told the court that Folake, who has four children for him, always embarrasses him in
public over money.

According to him, Folake doesn’t
believe him whenever he tells her
that he doesn’t have money.
He said he wished the marriage to be dissolved because he no longer
loved his wife. He added:

“My wife usually disgraces me in public and in my church. She has made many church members to leave the church.
She doesn’t want to see people around me. She is making people to run away from me. If my church
members give me something, she believes she must have a share of it. We always fight.

My wife also doesn’t want to hear that I don’t have money. Anytime I tell her that I don’t have money, she would start fighting me. I don’t earn salary. It is what my church members give to me that we
share at home. Still, she is not satisfied.”

Adeyinka urged the court to give him custody of their four children. Responding, Folake said she still
loved her husband and did not want the marriage to be dissolved.

According to her, she doesn’t have
another husband, except Adeyinka.
She added:

“I’ll not disgrace him anymore
in the public or in church. My
husband and I have separated for two years now.
He moved his things gradually
out of our home until nothing remains.”


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