Wednesday, 6 July 2016

Pastor molests and impregnates 10-yr-old girl

A pastor in a youth church, Raymond Vincent, 46 has been arrested for impregnating a 10-yr-old girl and fleeing to Haiti.

Detectives were called to Broward Health Medical Center on Feb. 13 in reference to a sexual battery of a child.

The girl was found to be pregnant after having been taken to the hospital with stomach pain, the reports A police report detailed one of Vincent's encounters with the girl sometime in December or January.

The girl told police she was asleep
on a couch and was awakened
when she felt a hand going down
her pants. As she opened her eyes,
she saw Vincent hovering over her. He quickly pulled his hand from
beneath the blanket, the report said. He turned to another child sleeping
on the couch and feigned adjusting
that child's positioning, authorities

The girl who was inappropriately
touched ran off and locked herself in a bedroom and alerted her mother, police say.

Vincent has been charged with lewd and lascivious conduct in connection with that incident. It was not immediately clear whether
Vincent had sex with the girl before
or after the encounter on the couch.
Police would not divulge details on
whether the girl's pregnancy,
discovered in February, has been terminated.

In January 2012, Vincent was
accused of molesting another child
— under the age of 12 — after
luring her into his home with food.
The child told authorities he groped and fondled her and tried to pull her into his lap.
She claimed Vincent had molested her twice before that incident.

During his interview with detectives
at the time, Vincent mentioned he was a youth pastor at a church in
Pompano Beach that he did not

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