Sunday, 3 July 2016

UBA Group honours bank guard who found $10,000 and returned it

In these hard times,would you
return $10,000 found on the ground?Well a bank Security guard
did and has probably secured his
future job wise as UBA applauds

Tony Elumelu of UBA group posted the Encomiums on his SM Handle.. "Last month, Mohammed Ibrahim Ogbanago, a security guard at the @ubagroup branch in Oba Akran, found $10,000 outside on the ground at his branch.

In an unparalleled display of integrity, he decided to return the money. When I heard about this story, I knew I had to meet the man who despite facing rising petrol and
transportation prices and “tomato
ebola” returned such a huge sum of
money without recourse to himself.

It was a pleasant surprise to hear him tell this story and about how he came to be in the board room with us. Even more surprising was hearing him speak about his passion for governance and integrity in leadership.

Mohammed Ibrahim Ogbanago is an exemplary ambassador of the UBA spirit and it was fulfilling to meet and reward him for his conduct. The @UBAGroup management is proud to have this caliber of staff at all levels.

Congratulations to Mohammed
and keep up the good work". And I am sure,he will get even more
than the sum he returned..Kudos to
the UBA Group for acknowledging
his selfless act!

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