Tuesday, 5 July 2016

Woman sells sister's unborn child for N100k | Details

Police in Lagos have launched a
manhunt for a woman, Amaka Ogua, for her heartless action of selling the unborn child of her younger sister, Nkechi, for N100,000 in the Mile 2 area of the state.

Amaka, who the police accused of
running a baby factory, had already
collected N50,000 advance from one of her client for the unborn child. Just imagine the desperation for money.

According to Punch, a balance of
N50,000 was agreed to be paid
when 31-year-old Nkechi was
delivered of the baby. The bubble
burst on Friday, June 24, when the
police got a tip-off from a non- governmental organisation – Child
Protection Network (CPN) – that
money had been allegedly paid to
Nkechi’s sister for the unborn child.

The matter was reported at the
FESTAC Police Division in Lagos,
which sent officers to rescue Nkechi
from the apartment on the same day. A CPN member, Toyin Oklagogo, who was at the police station, told Punch that Nkechi was impregnated by a man brought home by her heartless sister - Amaka.
He said,

“The woman was registered at a private hospital in Alaba area of
Ojo. But stayed in a flat around 2nd
Rainbow, Mile 2. When the information got to the CPN that she
had become pregnant and her unborn child had been sold, we
went to the house with another
executive, but Nkechi refused to
follow us. We then reported the case at the police station.

“The Divisional Police Officer at the
FESTAC Police Division asked his men
to rescue Nkechi the Friday we
reported at the station. We did not
meet her sister at home when we
went to her house at the Ojo Military Cantonment. She would have been
arrested immediately.

“Nkechi had a mental challenge some years back. She said at the
police station that although she had
memory loss, she could remember
that her sister brought a man to
impregnate her in the house. She added that she was not in support of the sale of her baby, but her sister had collected money from a man.

“Nkechi also told us that she gave
birth to a baby 2 years ago, but
Amaka had taken the child to an
unknown person. So, the police are
investigating [Amaka for] child
trafficking as well.”

A police source said when Amaka’s
husband was invited to the station,
he declined the invitation. The source said, “Nkechi is carrying
an eight-month-old pregnancy. So,
she is receiving care and we believe
her safety is a top priority. The police invited the husband of the suspect, but he declined, saying the police were meddling in a family affair. But the victim already confessed that money had been collected for her unborn child.”

The matter had also been reported at the Lagos State Ministry of Women
Affairs and Poverty Alleviation, Ikeja,
which took custody of Nkechi.

Police are on the trail of Amaka and
they are sure she would be arrested.

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