Monday, 26 September 2016

18-yr-old art student carves clay penises to remember every man she's ever slept with (Photos)

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A teenager of 18 years old, who studied fine arts has carved ceramic penises from memory of every man she says she has slept with.

Lily Heaume decided to create her
first penis replica after receiving a rude message from one of her

Instead of texting him , she
channeled her anger into carving a
life-size sculpture of his penis and
writing 'liar' across the front. Her work was displayed at the
Hampstead School of Art end-of-year show and quickly snapped up by keen buyers hoping to have a penis collection of their own.

Each sculpture has also been
inscribed with a personal message.
One of Lily's willy's includes the
phrase: "Stop calling me."
Lily told Lad Bible:

"I didn't disclose whose is whose.Luckily, two of them I'm still friends
with helped me out but one got a bit sour and awkward about it. "They're only made from memory, it's not like I've put a little name tag next to each one."

Daily Mirror

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