Thursday, 29 September 2016

For real? Singer/Actress Keke Palmer says she's very hard to deal with, poses for a Galore shoot (Photos)

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23-yr-old Keke Palmer striked a pose in sheer, raunchy dresses for a Galore shoot.... In an interview with the magazine about romance, the actress/singer said she's so emotional, logical and can be difficult to deal with... wow!
See how she explained it and more pics below:

'Well, I think very much so like a computer. I’m very emotional, but I’m also very logical. I’ve been working the way I have been since I was a kid, so I think about everything as a schedule.
'I’m very analytical and I’m a perfectionist, so I think somebody dating me might say that would be hard to deal with.'

She also gave her two pence on the issue of cultural appropriation saying it's not that big an issue.
She said: 'To not be okay with it
would be like saying black people shouldn’t get perms. This goes back to my same message about labels…
having braids doesn’t make you black and having straight hair doesn’t make you white.'

She adds: 'We’re thinking too
hard on things honestly. I’m not really caring about whether or not someone who is not black got braids in their hair.'

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