Sunday, 18 September 2016

I know you still love him, why don't you just go back...even for the sake of 'Jam Jam'

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"Dear Tiwa Savage, my best female singer, i was so sad when i heard that you left your husband...i know you still love him, but because of the critics, comments and reactions you got from your lovely fans after you made a mistake by exposing your private life, you had to divorce him. So bad!

The bible talks about divorce, it's a sin before God to engage in such act... I know you know about that...As least for God's sake, why don't you go back to him, so that God can forgive you.

I love you and love your songs, everytime i keep on viewing your pics online, i see you and TeeBillz in that lovely smiles. But what keeps on ringing on my mind is "this couple are no longer together"....Tiiiiwaaaa, why dont you just go back...Even FOR THE SAKE OF JAM JAM, your one and only son.

How would you feel when he grows up and ask you "where is my father...i want to see him?" Damn! That would be a lifetime question, a tough question you wouldn't want to answer. So, why not solve this future question now, so that you won't face greater problems with your lovely son.

My dear Tiwa, please, for the sake of God, Jam Jam, and we, your lovely fans, who want to see that beautiful family again... Why not go back to him. He still loves you..

A friend of mine stopped listening to your songs just because of your marriage see! But i'm sure she'll be very happy when she hears that Tiwa Savage is back with her husband.

I pray this message touches your heart...

Wish you all the best!"

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