Sunday, 9 October 2016

“When I got near to the prophet, I felt some strength and force pushing me away from him”- Woman who wanted to destroy Prophet T.B Joshua confesses

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During the last crusade of Prophet
T.B. Joshua of Synagogue Church Of All Nations (SCOAN) in Peru, a woman reportedly confessed how she wanted to destroy and kill him. According to her, she felt some strength and force that pushed her away when she got close to him.

Below is the full story released by a Press:

Uncontrollably welling within, her
anger reached bursting point. Only
one devilish thought flashed
incessantly through her mind - to
destroy TB Joshua at all cost.
Rushing towards him in a violent fit of rage, a supernatural force
suddenly hit her, crashing her to the
ground. Evil was defeated!

The malicious spirit of anger had
plagued Cezia Carassa’s life for
almost as long as she could
“I used to hit my husband and punch him in the face,” she recalled. “I used to get really mad. It was really strange force inside me.”

Cezia didn’t really want to attend the
crusade with Prophet TB Joshua but
curiosity eventually triumphed and
she decided to join 50,000 other
attendees at the historic event.

“When the Mass Prayer started, I
went down to the pitch because I
wanted to destroy Prophet TB
Joshua,” she candidly described. “I
felt a huge force inside me. I wanted
to attack everyone. I wanted to destroy.”

The demonic spirit of anger had
been rudely exposed by the Spirit-
filled prayer!
“When I got near to the prophet, I felt some strength and force pushing me away from him.
And then I fell.”

Since that Divine encounter, an
incredible sense of peace and
tranquility has filled Cezia’s life.
“I felt that the opposite force that was pushing me to destroy things were gone. But other force made me new. I felt brand new! When I looked at the mirror, I was not the same. Before I used to look like an angry women, but right now I feel very new. And I look even younger!”

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