Monday, 6 July 2015

Julius Agwu Undergoes Brain Surgery, Narrates His Ordeal

For months now, popular comedian Julius Agwu had been losing weight, colour and so many other things. Little did we know he was suffering from brain tumour. The ever grateful comedian has narrated his ordeal in a recent interview with Yes International Magazine. According to him,he started losing serious weight at some point which got many people wondering. Some concerned ones started proffering solutions, both medically and spiritually, while others resorted to murmuring and gossiping. However, all this went on until sometime in May when he had a seizure at home and his wife, Ibiere battled to help him. Julius explained he was out of breath and almost lifeless when Ibiere got their maid and the security man to assist her in getting him into one of their cars. From there, they practically sprinted to their hospital in Lekki. After he had been stabilized by the doctors, Julius and his wife immediately left for the United States of America where arrangement had been made at the Park Plaza Hospital. After a series of tests, two lumps were discovered in his brain! Immediately, the Caucasian surgeons went to work, operating on him for about 4 hours on Tuesday, May 12, 2015 at the Park Plaza Hospital in Houston, Texas. In his words, “I no go lie to you, na dem I just dey think about. But like I said earlier, it’s God at work. I want to thank everybody who supported me in one way or the other. Those that were praying for me and all that. I’m planning a thanksgiving where I will still tell the full story. But for now, I just want to thank God and my wife. Onyeoma! My wife tried. The day I had the seizure, she put her finger in my mouth and I bit it…All the vomit; the mess; she was the one brushing and bathing me on the bed and clearing and cleaning them. IB really, really tried for me”

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