Sunday, 3 April 2016

WOW! Ayodele Dada, UNILAG's best student is from Ajegunle

Ayodele Dada, the UNILAG student who recently set an enviable record of being the best graduating student in the history of any Nigerian Uni­versity with a Cumulative Grade Point Average (CGPA) of 5.00 point was yesterday honoured and celebrated by his alma mater.

For the school, Hopebay College, Alaba located deeply in the heart of Ajegunle a.k.a. Jungle City, this par­ticular Friday was a special one.

The entire school was in a fes­tive mood with students and teach­ers radiating special glow, while drummers and some of the students donning traditional attires sang and danced round the school premises. It was a carnival like setting. Ban­ners welcoming guests to the spe­cial occasion were also hung at the entrance to the college, and other strategic points within the school premises.

It was a day the school had set aside to honour one of her old stu­dents, Peter Ayodele Dada, who recently set an enviable record of being the best graduating student in the history of any Nigerian uni­versity with a Cumulative Grade Point Average (CGPA) of 5.00 point in Psychology from University of Lagos. Dada was honoured during the last graduation ceremony of the institution.

It was a rare academic feat never achieved by any student in the histo­ry of the country’s educational sys­tem. Like a goldfish with no hiding place, Dada has become an instant celebrity who is being celebrated by many individuals and organizations. He was also honoured by members of the House of Representatives last week Tuesday.

Apparently not wanting to be left out of the celebration of this uncom­mon achiever, the management of Hopebay College organized the elaborate reception to honour Dada whom the school principal Mr La­sun Adesokan described a good am­bassador of the college.

While waiting for Dada’s arrival, students and other guests were al­ready seated, and when the man be­ing honoured eventually arrived ac­companied by his mother and one of his siblings the entire school erupted in wild celebration with many jostling to either touch or catch a glimpse of Dada who obviously sa­voured the special moment...This part gave me goose bumps. After an interlude of dancing, singing and praise-worship, the principal, Adesokan set the ball rolling by telling the audience why Dada was being accorded special honour.

While declaring Dada as a wor­thy ambassador of the college he said:
“Today is a special day in the his­tory of the school. It is a day we have set aside to honour excellence. It is a day something special has come out of our own zion. Hitherto, Ajegunle is regarded a jungle city, a city of dwellers who lack focus, Ajegunle is derided by many for bad things but to God be the glory it is out of this same Ajegunle that Dada is coming out from. Ayodele Dada is our own boy. Dada is Ajegunle boy,. And we are proud that we moulded his aca­demic career at Hopebay College and he has not disappointed us.”

Praying that God will take Dada to the zenith in whatever callings he decided to follow, the principal also urged current and old students of the school to strive to be good ambas­sadors of the school like Dada.

-Daily Sun

YES OOOOOH....Ajegunle rocks and it always comes best from where no one thinks..When God wants to bless you,he doesnt look at your location or your qualification,he just blesses..I hate the headline used by THE SUN but i guess they were trying to highlight that good comes out of Ajegunle. I grew in olodi apapa..A few steps away from Ajegunle and i would do it all over again if i could *hissss* who Ajebutter help?lol Any Ajegunle or Olodi Apapa people in the house?Say ohon ohon and tell them what God has done with you...Under anon of cos! Ayodele ori e da!!!

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