Saturday, 20 August 2016

Babies of the 50's - by Charly Boy

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My people say old age no dey hide, dat na proper truth. For those of us who are blessed with good genes and still maintain our youthful looks, let's thank God o! It isn't easy, shey you know.

I’m a baby of the early 50's, that means I was born when things and people were very normal. Thank God that I was opportune to at least
experience a better Naija in my life time.

I grew up in the garden city of
Pitakwa, now known as Portharcout
in Rivers state. I lived on Port
Johnson to Ohafia Street in Gborokiri.
Meeeen it was the good old days; I
remember it like yesterday! Every day was like a carnival in our
house because my parents were
always entertaining that I actually
used to think that there were many
Christmases in a year.

What sticks out in my mind the most
was the love that my siblings and I
shared with our parents.
Permit me to say it for all the early
50s babies, we are the blessed ones. I come from a regular middle class family; our parents were not rich but they enjoyed a glowing reputation for integrity.

They never chased money. We were loaded with an overdose of morals, values, principles and how to protect our golden name. We were warned that a good name was better than money. It still is, I can assure you.

Parents, those days, gave only love,
nothing materialistic. I remember our first TV, it was Black and White, even photos we took then were black and white. I still have a bunch of them, with many colourful memories looking at them.

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