Monday, 22 August 2016

My First Experience As A Blogger

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Blogging! Blogging!! Blogging!!! This is now the talk of the's one of the easiest way in which people can share their thoughts for the world to see and also increase the 'dough' in their bank account...LOL. Well, you might not understand but bloggers who are already making 'cool' cash can testify.

Nowadays, people rush into blogging, it's as if whenever you blink your eyes, a blog is created *sigh*, just because of the money behind it. Not knowing that it takes hardwork, consistency and patient to be a top blogger ( target), That's why most of them don't succeed...then you hear them say "i'm tired of this f*cking blog" or "who blogging epp?"...oops! so wrong!

Ever since i started blogging, about a year now and some months, i've really experienced alot in different areas. The time, money, stress, researches, etc. Well, people know me as a guy who loves anything entertainment or news. Even right from when i was in secondary school...always involved in music competitions, celebrity discussion, most of time we even argue on politics *winks*. I just can't forget about my secondary school has really helped me pave way into blogging.

Also, i've spent lots of 'ego' (money) trying to push my blog to the top. Any little money i get, it's going straight to my blog...LOL. Well, i'm doing all these because i know that in this life, "we use money to pursue money". So, i'm not always moved whenever i see myself investing on my blog. Cos, i know one day, i'm going to reap the fruit of my labour.

As an entertainment blogger, you can't just be static and expect informations to get to you...NOOO! You source for them. That's why most of the time, i wake up in the middle of the night when everyone is asleep...the next thing i do is to go online to source for informations. Even when i'm off to school, i'm always at alert...anything strange, I BLOG IT! To the extent that people started calling me names, like "Mr. Blogger", "Prince Ikeji" (from Linda Ikeji), "News Master"...LOL.
Blogging is now the second nature of me...cos i love it!

Experience is the best teacher!

Long Live SkyNaija Blog!



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  2. Nice write up. All the best Prince you will get there soon.


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