Tuesday, 9 August 2016

Open Letter To Those Bloggers That Care

Blogging has really changed the lives of most people (from that local girl or boy they use to be, to an international figure). It has also boosted those money in the bank) *winks*. You might not understand what i am talking about, but to those top bloggers in Nigeria and around the world reading this, they will surely understand what i am tallking about...lol.

Nevertheless, every top blogger has his/her own story to tell. The way they struggled, worked hard and strived so as to get to the peak.
When i read the story of one the top blogger in Nigeria, Linda Ikeji, i was encouraged by her hardwork and also Perez Hilton, one of the top blogger in the world, who went to jail just because of his blogging ambition...waoh! This led to the formular that says "your hardwork is directly proportional to your success" meaning, the more you work hard, the more your success. Hmmm...kudos! To those top bloggers.

I've really gotten addicted to some blog just because of the way they do their own thing. Just like Stella Dimoko Korkus, a woman filled with great blogging skills which has helped her gained a lot of visitors on her blog. Ooh! Never forgetting, my one and only Lailat Ijeoma. She has taken my has own "padi". Anytime i call her, she's like "how are you, dear?" and i'm like "i'm fine ooo"...lol. I know she'll be smiling wherever she is, reading this letter. Other bloggers like Uche Eze Pedro of Bella Naija, OluFamous, Kemi Filani, Oladuni Liadi, Jide Ogusanya of Ogbonge Blog, Sisi Yemmie (the cosmopolitan blogger), Seun Osewa of Nairaland, Olorisupergal, Emeh Achanga (Miss Petite), Chude Jideonwo and Adebola Williams of YNaija, etc have really taken over blogging in Nigeria and i congratulate them for their hardwork.

My question now is "how will you feel if you raise a young and talented blogger like me? So that whenever they mention my name, yours will be the foundation and pillar of that young-talented blogger"

Like i headed the letter "...to those bloggers that care" meaning this letter is not everyone, but to those who have that attitude of rendering help to me. Well, i'm not in anyway forcing you, but just seeking for your support.

I wont be surprised if Linda Ikeji or Uche Eze helps because they have a heart. And "they that have heart, have feelings". So why cant they help.

To other bloggers i didnt mention, if you have that capability to render that suppport so as to make my vision come to pass, i'm ready to receive it....in anyway. Cos i see SkyNaija at the top...but my vision can only cone to reality if my open letter is not just read and thrown to the waste bin.

God bless you as you bless me!

From Prince Nwachukwu, founder of SkyNaija Blog

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