Monday, 15 August 2016

Unbelievable! Woman's exhumed corpse found exactly the same way it was buried 14 yrs ago

Wait a minute! Could this be true? A body buried in 2002, about 14yrs ago, still remained the same way it mud, no sand on the cloth used to wrap the body.

According to an eye witness, who posted this, said that a woman's corpse was exhumed because of the recent road construction going on in the area...but unfortunately, they found the full body, intact in the same way it was buried 14 years ago (2002).

Read what the witness wrote below:

Can someone shout a BIG ALLAHU AKBAR.A woman that died for abt 14 years back.And has been berried.
they nw went to uproot it,due to the road construction that is going on at epe,unfortunately they met it as it was berried right from year 2002 to now 2016.ALLAHU AKBAR

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