Friday, 23 September 2016

Man who used to be a woman gives birth to a baby by woman who used to be a man

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Chai! What is this world turning into? A baby was born to a man
who was a woman who got
pregnant by a woman who was a
man and they want more.

The couple made history last year
when the transgender 'father' fell
pregnant by the trans 'mother'. And
now, four months after giving birth
to their first child, Fernando Machado, who was born a woman and his partner Diane Rodriguez
who was born a man have revealed
they want to expand their brood.

The new parents, from Ecuador,
have opened up about life with their new baby after becoming the first transgender couple to fall pregnant in South America.

'Being a mother was never something I thought I would do
because I am a transsexual,'
Rodriguez said. 'The law before
demanded that to be recognised as a woman you had to be castrated.'

The couple have kept their fans
updated with the pregnancy journey and even shared pictures from the maternity ward when Mr Machado gave birth in June.

'We live as man and woman. I'm a
transfeminine woman and Fernando is a transmasculine man. The process to get here was complex for each of us, she said'.

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