Sunday, 19 June 2016

Anti-LGBT protesters find a surprise waiting for them at funerals of #Orlando victims

As many of the funerals for victims of the mass shooting at Pulse nightclub in Orlando have begun,
and the majority of the victims were
LBGT men, it's no surprise that the
notorious hate group, Westboro
Baptist Church, made an
appearance to protest by holding up their hateful signs and claiming
that homosexuality is responsible
for the evil in the world. But they
weren't prepared for what they
found when they arrived.

The protestors were blocked by
volunteers who dressed up as
angels, with huge white sheets
held up from their shoulders to
block the signs, and chants, from
the Westboro Baptist Church protestors.

The "Angel Action" counter-protest
can be traced back almost 30 years,
to 1999, when WBC members
picketed the funeral of Laramie,
Wyoming gay teen, Matthew Shepard where friends of the murdered teen dressed up in similar outfits to block protestors at the murder trials of the two men responsible for his tragic death.

The angels at Saturday's funerals
were members of the Orlando
Shakespeare Theater, and their
actions were met with hugs and
tears from the grateful family and
friends of those lost in the tragic shooting.

The chants of the WBC were also
drowned out by the angelic
volunteers singing "Amazing
Grace," in a beautiful and emotional
sing of solidarity and support. Eventually WBC members left, and
those who lost loved ones in the
shooting were able to mourn their
dead without disturbance.

Sometimes it takes tragedy and
hate to remind us how loving and wonderful humanity can really be.


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